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EB-1LP Lightning Suppressor

    • Protect amplifier from lightning strike by releasing high voltage and cutting off voltage source, then resumes normal status afterwards

    • 4 independent amplifier protection channels, corresponding to 4 inputs and 4 outputs

    • 1CH protection short-circuit output signal, can trigger the controlled equipment

    • Automatically introduce lightning to earth via grounding wires

    • 2 LED indicators: RUN status LED, and PROTECT status LED

    • Lightning protection, overvoltage protection, and leakage protection for public broadcast system

    • Standard 2U chassis, aluminum alloy panel, humanized drawer design, beautiful and practical

    Product Detail

    • No. of Channels: 4 (CH1 ~ CH4)
    • Input Capacity: 70/100V per channel, 10A, audio signal
    • Output Capacity: 70/100V per channel, 10A, audio signal
    • Continuous Operation Voltage: ≤240V (rms)
    • Protection Voltage: ≥280V (rms)
    • 2ms Square Wave Current Capacity: peak current: 50A
    • Short-Circuit Output Level: (0V) short-circuit signal
    • Power Supply: AC220V ± 10% 50-60Hz
    • Power Consumption: less than 25W
    • Operating Temperature: -10~60°C
    • Dimensions: 483*350*90mm
    Scenic sports, schools, project installation, etc.
    • EB-1LP Lightning Suppressor1pc
    • Power Cord1pc
    • User Manual1pc
    • QA Certificate / Warrant Card1pc

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