EB-1FM Digital Tuner-TAKSTAR - Guangdong Takstar Electronic Co., Ltd.

EB-1FM Digital Tuner

    • With LCD screen

    • FM modulation, automatic/manual radio search, stereo output

    • Search and save all stations running above/below a certain frequency

    • Directly input radio stations, e.g., 106.10MHz, etc.

    • Manually search for stations and manually save stations

    • Store more than 30 stations and select station directly

    • Power-off memory retains previous program settings

    Product Detail

    • Frequency Range (FM) 87-108.5 MHZ
    • No. of Station Mem: 30; FM Modulation: 30
    • Radio Sensitivity (FM) better than 3.5uV
    • Signal Selectivity better than 40dB
    • Signal to Noise Ratio (FM) better than 46dB
    • Power AC 220V/50Hz
    • Max Consumption Current less than 200mA
    • Max Output Power ≥100mW
    • Stereo Separation ≥40dB
    • Dimensions 485*360*90mm
    • Net Weight: 4.62Kg
    Scenic sports, schools, project installation, etc.
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