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EB-8AS Amplifier Switcher

    • Automatic switching to back-up power amplifier if the primary one fails

    • Supports 8 primary amplifiers and 1 backup amplifier

    • Each group of power amplifier can have independent audio signal input

    • 8CH amplifier input, 8CH speaker output, 1CH backup amplifier input

    • Two status indicators for each channel

    • Signal carrier detection to avoid interference between audio source and amplifier circuit, reducing false triggering

    • Manual channel switching is available to help troubleshooting

    • Configurable detection mode: signal carrier detection or signal amplitude detection

    • Automatic power amplifier switch-back when a failed primary amplifier is back online

    Product Detail

    • No. of Controllable Channels: 8
    • Channel Working Capacity: 150V/10A
    • Amplifier Gain Requirement: >10dB
    • Input Detection Threshold: <50mV
    • Power Supply: AC 220V/50~60Hz
    • Dimensions: 485*320*88
    • Net Weight: 5.3KG
    • Gross Weight: 6.35KG
    Stations, schools, project installation, etc.
    • EB-8AS Amplifier Switcher1PC
    • Power Cord1PC
    • User Manual1PC

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