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WTG-700 Tour Guide System

  • Tour Guide System

• UHF technology, stable without crosstalk, use up to 200m in open areas.

• Switch between single-transmitter and dual-transmitter to adapt to various scenarios.

• High-sensitivity detachable mic picks up clear audio accurately.

• With 65 adjustable channels, able to use multiple sets of transmitters together without interference.

• Support one-key pairing which can sync all receivers to the transmitter easily.

• Support one-key poweroff which allows the transmitter to shut down all connected receivers immediately.

• Low-consumption design gives you 8h battery life on receiver and 10h on transmitter.

• Optional charging case to help you store and charge multiple devices simultaneously, with additional disinfection function.

• Ear-hook receiver weighs only about 18g, and can be worn on either ear with comfort.

• Transmitter is compact, lightweight, full-featured, easy to operate and carry.

Product Detail

Transmitter (DUAL-TX):
• Frequency Response: 20Hz-16KHz
• Frequency Range: UHF
• Transmission Power: 18dBm
• Working Current: 140mAh
• S/N Ratio: 70dB
• Output/Input Interface: 3.5mm
• Battery Capacity: 2000mAh
• Charging Current: 400mAh
• Dimensions: 93*52*16mm
• Weight: about 83g
• Charging Indication: LED display
• Battery Life: 10 hours (about)
• Antenna: external antenna
• Effective Distance: 200 meters 
(may vary in different scenarios and environments)

Earhook Receiver:
• Frequency Response: 20Hz-16KHz
• Frequency Range: UHF
• Working Current: 45mAh
• S/N Ratio: 70dB
• Output/Input Interface: built-in speaker
• Battery Capacity: 300mAh
• Charging Current: 260mAh
• Dimensions: 61*22.5*11.3mm
• Weight: about 18g
• Charging Indication: indicator light
• Battery Life: 8 hours (about)
• Antenna: built-in antenna
• Effective Distance: 200 meters 
(may vary in different scenarios and environments)

Charging Case:
• Charging Slots: 54 (earhook receivers) + 2 (transmitters)
• AC Input: 110-220V/AC
• DC Output: 5V/DC
• Dimensions: 56*13*37cm
• Net Weight: about 5.2Kg
• Gross Weight: about 6.2Kg
• UV Sterilization: supported
• Other Functions: storage and charging

Note: The above data are measured by Takstar laboratory, and Takstar has the final interpretation right!
• Tourism, religious activities, simultaneous interpretation, reception visits, large conferences, lectures, industrial production, etc.

WTG-700 Receiver List

• Receiver1PC
• Earhook1PC

WTG-700 Transmitter List

• Transmitter1PC
• Plug-in Mic1PC
• Manual1PC
• Charging Cable1PC
• Lanyard1PC
• Headset Mic(Optional)1PC

WTG-700 Charging Case List

• Charging Case1PC
• Power Cord1PC

  • User manual

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