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Core Capabilities

That's where we prosper. Takstar has abundant resources when it comes to product R&D, contour design, integrated systems, precise manufacturing, automated production and systematic service. In those domains, we provide excellent creative and productive one-stop solutions.

Contour Design

Our professional designers and experienced marketing team offer complete R&D services and custom tailored solutions to meet your demands and unique product design requirements. We know that close communication with our customers in relation to market studies, concept R&D, product design, different production steps and, in the end, mass production is crucial to ensure efficient and accurate routines, that's the best choice to obtain highly competitive results.

R&D Capabilities

Takstar puts a special emphasis on both innovation and team building when it comes to R&D, and in this spirit has founded Guangdong Engineering Technology R&D Center, currently gathering a personnel of over 100 regarded domestic engineers.

We keep recruiting even more talent to promote our R&D capabilities. At this moment, Takstar owns approximately 400 patents. We cooperate very closely with various domestic and international electro-acoustic institutions to not only carry out extensive R&D and system integration services, but also serialize and systemize our products and thus establish an internationally competitive platform.

R&D Tailored Solutions

Using our wealth of experience, we provide you with solutions for contour design, pristine acoustics, wireless/RF and system integration. Tailored to your custom requirements, Takstar offers finished products as well as parts or components in various, previously arranged modes of cooperation.

Precision Manufacture & Quality Control

Important steps like plastic injection, metal punch/injection, anodic oxidation, CNC and surface processing are carried out with pinpoint precision using advanced equipment to secure an accurate production of parts and components.

Takstar employs more than 100 professional QC engineers and 500 units of up-to-date testing equipment to form a setting of high scientific standards and guarantee perfect product quality. Consequentially, our lab is furnished to test electro-acoustics, environment protection, product reliability and electromagnetic interference.

Systematic Service

Takstar is a large-scale, technology-driven enterprise that combines design, processing, manufacturing, printing and packaging. With the manpower of 2,500 professionals we operate in several business fields and provide systematic service ranging from product conception up to market introduction, involving precise production (backup capacities) and market investigation.

This way, Takstar keeps its high position in the electro-acoustic industry when it comes to manufacturing cycles, strict QC and product cost control.

Innovation is vital to any enterprise.

That's why we at Takstar permanently pursue it, with a special focus on R&D. On this journey, we have collected a rich amount of experience in acoustics, wireless technology, ergonomics, system integration and many other aspects. Until now, our company has been awarded over 380 patents, more than 100 of which are of invention and utility model variety.


Our R&D center has an outstanding design team for wireless electronics. Using scientific and rational planning, we cover microphones, transmission systems, audio systems and more, complete with 2.4G/VHF/UHF multiple frequency/channel analog and digital technology.


Takstar strictly acts on the maxim of pristine sound. Hence we put an emphasis on studying and analyzing all kinds of electro-acoustic applications to establish a library of technological information and provide the best support in keeping science and technology advanced. Our R&D capabilities include Professional recording microphones, Conference microphones, Monitoring headphone/earphone sets Multi-media headphone/earphone sets Professional audio systems, And much more...


Using 3D simulation, Takstar’s R&D specialists are able to design ergonomically contoured products following the beneficial concept of healthy work and life.

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