【Takstar EKAX-1A Audio System】Product Detail - Guangdong Takstar Electronic Co., Ltd.

EKAX-1A Power Amplifier

  • Karaoke
  • Power Amplifier
  • Anti-vibration structure 

  • Complete protection circuit for speaker system/overload/high temperature/ short circuit protection 

  • Volume limit device limits the maximum volume to avoid the misoperation 

  • Dual echoes function(can be switched to one echo) features stereo echo effect to extend the microphone vocal echo width 

  • Feedback suppression function avoids howling 

  • 3 band EQ for microphone and music 

  • Recording and music playing function for convenient connection with the external power amplifier and recording production 

  • Designed with effect output connector for convenient connection with the external effect 

  • Remote control for convenient adjustment(microphone and music volume adjusting /input selection/mute) 

  • Parallel output design of A/B two groups enable to connect 2 pairs of 6-8Ω speaker cabinets when power allowed

Product Detail

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