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EKX-160 Digital Matrix Processor

    • 16 balanced microphone/line inputs with Phoenix connectors for seamless integration.

    • 16 balanced outputs with Phoenix connectors for optimal signal transmission.

    • Built-in Dante network audio transmission interface, providing 16 channels of digital signal input and output.

    • Signal processing capabilities on all Dante input and output channels equivalent to analog channels (available in D model).

    • Support for PC, central control platforms, key panels, touch panels, and more, enabling versatile control options.

    • Built-in signal generator, automatic mixing (AM), automatic gain control (AGC), automatic feedback cancellation (AFC), and automatic echo cancellation (AEC) algorithms.

    • Input channels feature pre-amplification, signal generation, expansion, compression, and 5-band parametric equalization.

    • Output channels offer 31-band graphic equalization, delay, crossover, high/low-pass filters, and limiter.

    • Intuitive graphical interface for feedback suppression function, ensuring clear and precise feedback control.

    • Full-featured matrix mixing and patented component-based matrix adjustment for comprehensive audio customization.

    • Integrated automatic camera tracking for effortless video conferencing, supporting scene presets and automatic power-loss memory backup (saves every 10 minutes).

    • Dozens of pro audio processing modules including 5-band parametric equalizer, 31-band graphic equalizer, precise compressor and limiter, responsive expander and automatic gain, crossover, automatic mixer, delay, matrix mixer, component matrix adjuster, noise gate, mute module, signal generator, and signal level indicator.

    • Compatible with iPad or iPhone for convenient operation and switching between 8 different scenes.

    • Built-in control code generator eliminates the need for manual code editing, simplifying the integration process.

    • Universal logic input interface for expanded functionality such as fire matrix linkage.

    • RS-485 bidirectional serial control interface for controlling external devices such as video matrices and cameras, or receiving third-party RS-485 control.

    • +48V DC 7mA phantom power provided for each input channel.

    • Various connectivity options including USB, Wi-Fi, TCP/IP interfaces, and control devices.

    • GPIO control interface supporting 12 logic inputs and 4 voltage outputs.

    • Intuitive and sleek graphical control software interface elevates the user experience to unprecedented heights.

    Product Detail

    • Input Interface (multi-channel Phoenix connector): 4x4 in total
    • Output Interface (multi-channel Phoenix connector): 4x4 in total
    • GPIO Control Interface: support 12 logic inputs and 4 voltage outputs
    • Input Impedance: Balanced: 9.4kQ. Unbalanced: 4.7kQ
    • Output Impedance: Balanced: 100Ω, Unbalanced: 50Ω
    • Computer Interface: RS485 interface (Phoenix connector), wired network interface (RJ-45)
    • Input Common Mode Rejection Ratio: >=78dBu
    • Input to Output Dynamic Range: 112dBu
    • Frequency Response: 20Hz~20kHz(±0.5dB)
    • SNR: >93dB @0dBu, 1KHz
    • Harmonic Distortion + Noise: ≤0.005% @1kHz 0dBu
    • Channel Separation: >88dB(1KHz)
    • Input Channel Functions:
    • Mute/Phase/Phantom Power/Sensitivity: independent Mute/Phase/Phantom Power/Sensitivity/0dBu-6dBu, -30dBu, -36dBu, -42dBu for each input channel
    • Test Audio: sine wave/pink noise/white noise
    • Expander: Threshold: -56dBFS to 0dBFS, Ratio: 1 to 20, Attack Time: 1ms to 1000ms, Recovery Time: 1ms to 1000ms
    • Equalizer: each input channel has an independent 5-band full parametric equalizer; center frequency: 20Hz to 20KHz, Bandwidth: 0.02 to 4.00act, bandwidth step: 0.01oct, Gain: -15db to +15db, Gain Step Distance: 0.01db
    • Compressor: Threshold: -48dBFS to 0dBFS, Ratio: 1 to 20, Attack Time: 1ms to 1000ms, Recovery Time: 1ms to 1000ms
    • Auto Gain: Threshold -60dBFS to 0dBFS, Target Threshold: Threshold to 0dBF5, Ratio: 1 to 20, Attack Time: 1ms to 1000ms, Recovery Time: 1ms to 1000ms
    • Auto Mix: Gain: -72d to 12dB, Ratio: 1 to 3, Recovery Time: 5ms to 5000ms
    • Feedback Cancellation/Echo Cancellation: Adaptive Feedback Cancellation, Adaptive Echo Cancellation
    • Mixer: full-featured matrix mixing function, patented component-based matrix adjustment
    • Output Channel Functions:
    • Output Delay: each output channel has an independent delay (0 ms to 2000 ms or delay distance 0m to 680m)
    • Crossover: each output can independently set high-pass and low-pass filters (all parameters adjustable). Each filter has three different types and seven different slopes
    • Graphic Equalizer: each channel has a separate 8-band independent graphic equalizer, bandwidth: narrowband/normal/wideband
    • Limiter: Threshold: -56dBFS to 0dBFS, Recovery Time: 1ms to 1000ms
    • Mute/Phase: independent Mute/Phase control for each output channel
    • Processor: 48KHz sampling frequency, 24-bit data
    • Power: ≤37.8W
    • Power Supply: AC 190V/240V 50Hz/60Hz
    • Product Size (W×D×H): 488X260X44mm
    • Net Weight: 4.3(kg)
    • Package Size (W×D×H): 1 set: 555×325×98mm/0.0177m³; 6 sets: 573×337x615mm/0.135m³
    • Gross Weight: 1 set: 5 (kg)
    Suitable for sound reinforcement in meeting rooms, lecture halls, banquet halls and exhibition halls.
    • EKX-1601pc
    • User Manual1pc
    • Disc1pc
    • Phoenix Plug

    quantity subject to the model

    • Feet4pcs
    • Power Cord1pc
    • Spare Fuse1pc

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