EB-1DM Multi-Functional DVD player-TAKSTAR - Guangdong Takstar Electronic Co., Ltd.

EB-1DM Multi-Functional DVD player

  • Professional
  • Karaoke

 Compatible with DVD, CD, MP3, VCD, HDCD and other disc formats

• Can play various music formats in USB drive

 Multiple playback modes, shock-resistant electronic components

Product Detail

• Display: VFD display, power indicator
• Audio Output: 775mV
• Input Power: ~220V/50Hz
• Audio Output Frequency Range: 50-18000Hz
• Power Consumption: ≤30W
• Protection: AC FUSE 1A
• Dimensions: 485*357*88mm
• Weight: 4.5Kg
Scenic sports, schools, project installation, etc.
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