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EKA-415 4-Channel Integrated Amplifier

  • Power Amplifier
  • Karaoke
  • Professional

 • It has the function of Bluetooth input and recording output.

 • It features 4-channel output with 150W per channel (8Ω) and a 4-8 ohm load per channel.

 • EKA-415 is a professional integrated amplifier. It features microphone effect adjustment function, automatic overload protection and air-cooled heat dissipation design. In sound quality, the bass, mid and treble are balanced; in music, the distortion is low and the frequency response is wide; in human voice, it is outstanding and lifelike.

Product Detail

 • Output Power: 150W*4 (8Ω)
 • THD: <0.1% (1KHz, 1W, 8Ω)
 • Frequency Response: 20Hz-20KHz
 • S/N Ratio: ≥80dB (A-weighted)
 • Input Sensitivity: 250mV
 • MIC Input Sensitivity: 20mV
 • Power Supply: AC220V/50Hz
 • Dimensions (W*L*H): 480mm*445mm*90mm
 • Weight: 13Kg
 • Classrooms, small conference rooms
  • User manual

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