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EKX-5A Professional Digital Audio Processor

  • Effecter

• Latest ADI 5 series chip, 64-Bit high-performance dual-core DSP.

• 9-band PEQ for music channels; automatic recognition of optical input

• 15-band PEQ for microphone adjustment, fully digital audio processing system, and stereo DSP multiple digital reverbs for more professional vocal.

• Microphone noise rejection along with independent limiter design; switchable 2Hz~8Hz frequency shift for feedback suppression.

• Independent HPF/LPF, and 5-band PEQ Reverb/Echo under Effect Channel.

• 7-band PEQ for each output channel, along with HPF/LPF, mix ratio, polarity, delay, limiter and gain functions.

• Supports VOD IR remote control.

• Supports PC control via RS232, using a professional device control software.

• Includes RTA software interface to help find and eliminate howling.

• 3-level password lock for customized security setting.

• Save up to 9 system modes; device automatically restores last saved setting upon bootup.

Product Detail

• Music Socket Max. Input Level:+14dBu (4V RMS)
• All Channel Max. Output Level: +14dBu (4V RMS)
• Mic Input Sensitivity: 64mV (out:4V)
• Music Input Gain: 0dB, +3dB, +6dB (selectable)
• S/N Ratio: >90dB
• Power Supply:220V/50Hz
• Net Weight: 3.8Kg
• Device Dimensions (L*W*H):483*218.5*47.5mm
• KTV project installation 
• Digital Audio Processor1 PC
• Power Cord1 PC
• User Manual1 PC
• Remote Controller1 PC

  • User manual

    EKX-5A Professional Digital Audio Processor User Manual2021-08-19 14:47:32Download

  • Driver software

    EKX-5A Audio Effect Controller v1.0.02021-08-30 13:31:32Download

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