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DT-2 Dante Connect Box

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• High quality A/D(24-Bit), D/A(32-Bit) convert, 48KHZ sampling rate.

• 2 channel balanced MIC/LINE XLR input, 2 channel balance output, Dante can support 2IN/2OUT.

• Dante digital network port configuration is a doubt standard network interface, which fully supports the function of unite switching and hot backup. Digital audio channel can support 2IN/2OUT, using 24-bit precision and extremely low network latency.

• Each input channel with independent signal light and gain control, also with +48V phantom power controlled by switch. Its input channel 1 with high resistance switch selection, supporting guitar, bass, key instrument equipment input, input channel 2 extra with 2 stereo input port (one pair of RCA input and one 3.5mm socket). Supporting media player, notebook computer and others equipment signal input.

• Each output channel with independent signal light.

• Dante can be used in the standard existing network interchanger, has highly interoperability: perfect cooperation with other start using Dante device.

• Outer connect +12 VDC power supply, Power switch independently controlled and power indicator light.

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  • User manual

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