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EX-3 EX-3 Multifunctional Digital Power Amplifier

  • Power Amplifier

• 48kHz sampling rate, 32-bit DSP chip, 24-bit AD/DA conversion

• MIC channel with master volume control, phase, low cut, 9-band PEQ, noise gate, feedback controller and 4-way MIC independent volume control

• MIC effect with master volume control; echo with adjustable 5-band PEQ, delay and repetition; reverb with adjustable delay, time, space, high cut and low cut; independent phase control

• Music channel with master volume control; VOD, OPT, COAX, or BT for music input; independent volume control, 5-band PEQ and noise gate for VOD/SPDIF input

• Center output channel with independent volume control, 5-band PEQ, low cut, compressor, delay, phase and mute

• Bass output channel with independent volume control, 5-band PEQ, high cut, low cut, compressor, delay, phase and mute

• Front panel with IR receiving function, DSP with 16 user presets

• USB control interface for safe and easy operation

• High-end 5" TFT color touch screen for you to directly control the volumes of music, microphone and effect, and to perform functions of calling presets, inputting selection, Bluetooth playback interface, microphone frequency matching and level display

• 50M bandwidth, 200 channels, PLL digital phase-locked loop multi-channel frequency synthesis

• Built-in 2X450/8Ω professional digital power amplifier for the main sound reinforcement system

• Startup delay to protect speakers

• Power amplifier with the anti-shock function when powering on/off

Handheld Wireless Microphone:

• Professional dynamic microphone

• LCD to display battery power and current frequency band

• Two AA batteries for the operation time of 4 hours

• 200 channels available for the switching between high power and low power

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