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EBS-50M Power Amplifier

  • Public Address
  • Power Amplifier

• 6CH zone outputs with separate volume control on each channel zone, and output at 100V

• 2CH AUX line inputs, 1CH EMC(emergency) input, 2CH mic inputs, and 1CH AUX output which can be cascaded to next power amp

• Grouped volume for line 1, line 2 and local MP3; separate volume control for Mic 1, Mic 2 and EMC input; with additional master volume control

• Mic 1 and EMC input have the highest priority level, which overrides other line inputs like Mic 2, Line 1 and Line 2

• With treble and bass adjustment function

• Built-in Bluetooth/MP3 decoding module, convenient for pushing program via cell phone

• Abnormality alert function which prompts respective issue such as clipping, overload, overheat and short circuit

• Supports a variety of status indicators (power, signal, clipping, protection LEDs)

• Active cooling to ensure long-time operation

• Protection against mains fluctuation, overvoltage, or undervoltage

Product Detail

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