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ELV-182 Subwoofer

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• The enclosure of ELV-182 uses 18mm plywood and its baffle uses 25mm plywood. Plywood and paint finish provide good anti-moisture performance. ELV-182 features good internal damping and strong anti-resonance ability.

• The bottom of the enclosure is equipped with five rubber feet to prevent the vibration and displacement of the speaker due to the high dynamic range.

• Symmetrical magnetic circuit design is adopted to guarantee higher magnetic flux density and less distortion. The heat-resistant voice coil can withstand high power, and when it is under high power or working for a long time, its performance is still stable after the temperature rises, and it is not easy to burn. The reasonable selection of surround and cloth edge provides the speaker's vibration system with good elasticity, which can reduce distortion and allow the speaker to have a good transient response.

Product Detail

• Rated Power: 4Ω/2400W (AES)  
                     8Ω/1200W (AES)*2
• Rated Impedance: 8Ω and 4Ω (switchable based on the wiring) Frequency Response: 30Hz-500Hz (±3dB)
• Sensitivity: 102dB
• Coverage: no directivity
• Max SPL: 133dB
• Connection: 2×NL4speakon, connecting 1+, 1- or 2+, 2- for operation, no parallel use of two speakers
• Enclosure: 18mm plywood
• Finish: black painting
• LF Unit: 18"×2 (100mm), 220 magnet
• Dimensions (mm): 1206×650×551 (W×D×H)
• Net Weight: 90Kg

Note: The data is tested by Takstar Laboratory, and Takstar has the final interpretation right!
• Large-scale performances, DISCO bars, KTVs
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