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EKA-6A Power Amplifier

  • Professional
  • Power Amplifier
  • Karaoke
  • EKA series power amplifier consists of EKA-3A,EKA-6A,EKA-8A,EKA-12A,EKA-13A, EKA-403 and EKA-406 

  • EKA-3A,EKA-6A,EKA-8A,EKA-403 and EKA-406 are 2U, EKA-12A and EKA-13A are 3U 

  • EKA-3A,EKA-6A,EKA-8A,EKA-12A and EKA-13A are 2 channels, EKA-403 and EKA-406 are 4 channels 

  • EKA-3A,EKA-6A,EKA-8A features excellent LF effect extension, wide HF extension and balanced LF/MF/HF. Low distortion and wide frequency response music performance 

Product Detail

• Max. Undistorted Power(8Ω):600W*2
• Max. Undistorted Power(4Ω):900W*2
• Max. Undistorted Power(2Ω): 1200W*2
• Max. Undistorted Power(bridge 8Ω):1200W
• Max. Undistorted Power(bridge 4Ω):1800W
• Damping Factor:600:1
• S/N Ratio:110dB
• THD:≤0.01% 8Ω rated power 1KHz
• Frequency Response:20Hz-20KHz +/-0.1dB
• Intermodulation Distortion:≤0.01% 8Ω rated power 1KHz
• Input Sensitivity:0.775V,1.0V,1.55V
• Input Impedance:10k/20k,balanced/unbalanced
• Input Gain:≤-75dB
• Channel Separation:≤-70dB
• Panel Indicators: signal, power, clip, protection
• Power Supply:220V/50Hz
• Dimension(mm):483*512*88(W*D*H)
• Weight(Kg):18Kg
Conference room, KTV, outdoor performance
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