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EKT-101 KTV Speaker

  • Karaoke
  • Speaker Cabinet
  • EKT-101 is the high quality 10 inch Karaoke speaker cabinet specially designed for KTV and home Karaoke audio system. 

  • EKT-101 features prominent vocal, clean and rich bass, flat and delicate treble, together use with Takstar tailored microphone and Karaoke power amplifier to offer high quality music and tone. 

  • The vented tube and acoustic foam match with the accurately designed cabinet to boost powerful bass effect. 

  • The speaker uses excellent damping factor and rigid cone to avoid distortion in different frequency band operation. 

  • Adopts anti-fatigue and elastic foam surround. 

  • Six layer winding voice coil features high inductive reactance for pure and gentle bass effect. 

  • Three magnet structure strengthens the magnetic field induction-intensity and reduces the voice coil non-linear distortion under large dynamic. 

  • The HF unit uses 3 inch hi-fi cone to offer flat frequency response and hi-fi vocal and music; the refractory voice coil offers delicate HF to offer satisfied MFHF performance without burrs.

Product Detail

• Rated power:160W
• Peak power:640W
• Rated impedance:8Ω
• DC impedance:6Ω
• Frequency response:35Hz-18kHz(±3dB)
• Sensitivity:93dB
• Coverage:H100°×V55°
• Max SPL:115dB
• Crossover mode: 2 way passive
• Crossover frequency:1600Hz
• Suspension/installation:horizontal suspension
• Connection:binding post
• Enclosure:15mm plywood
• Finish:black painting
• HF:3″×2(13mm),55+50 dual magnets
• LF:10″×1(50mm),120+110+55 three magnets
• Dimension(mm):500×270×300(W×D×H)
• Weight(Kg):approx. 10.3 Kg
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