EKS-182SUB Subwoofer

  • Professional
  • Karaoke
  • Speaker Cabinet
  • EKS-182SUB is a high power vented tube dual 18 inch subwoofer which uses long stroke high efficiency 100mm voice coil 220mm magnet 8Ωspeakers. 

  • The two speakers are designed with damping processing cone and assembled reversely in the cabinet to make the bass more clear and powerful. 

  • The cabinet is designed with compression horn structure to boost the sensitivity, thus to suit for powerful but elastic bass applications. 

  • The cabinet uses 18mm plywood with black painting finish and is equipped with 8 handles for easy transportation, one 4 pin speaker connector and 5 foot pads for anti-vibration. Note: as the speaker is assembled reversely in the cabinet, please adjust the sub-frequency output phase to 180 degree on the audio processor during operation

Product Detail

• Rated power:1200W
• Peak power:4800W
• Rated impedance:4Ω
• DC impedance:2.5Ω
• Frequency response:30Hz~500Hz(±3dB)
• Sensitivity:102dB
• Coverage:no directivity
• Max SPL:133dB
• Connection: 1×NL4 speaker connector,connecting 1+,1- or 2+,2-, 
Parallel connection is not recommended
• Enclosure:18mm plywood
• Finish:black painting
• LF:18″×2(100mm),220 magnet
• Dimension(mm):1182×625×520(W×D×H)
• Weight(Kg):73.3Kg
Bass compensation for large show reinforcement system or DISCO bar, large KTV