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ELV-151 Full Range Speaker

  • Karaoke
  • Professional
  • Speaker Cabinet
  • The unit structure consists of one 15 inch woofer and one B&C HF driver. 

  • The 15 inch woofer uses UKM cone, refractory voice coil and refined spider. 

  • High sensitivity, powerful bass, clear and charming MFHF suits for entertainment applications. 

  • The woofer uses rigid UKM cone to reproduce natural instrument tone, powerful bass, low distortion, vivid, natural and penetrating vocal.  

  • 44mm B&C HF unit features flat & delicate treble and wide MF. 

  • One inch throat and big Al horn offers flat, bright and delicate treble when amplifying the HF sound pressure. The Al horn features solid structure, anti- vibration and excellent acoustic features. 

  • The crossover uses extremely low consumption OFC inductor, high quality capacitor, Al housing resistor and heat sink to assure the crossover network stability. 

  • Trapezoidal enclosure eliminates the standing wave inside and improves the bass pureness

Product Detail

• Rated power: 450W
• Peak power: 1400W
• Rated impedance: 8Ω
• DC impedance: 6.4Ω
• Frequency response: 48Hz-18kHz(±3dB)
• Sensitivity:98dB
• Coverage:H100°×V 55°
• Max SPL: 125dB
• Crossover mode: 2 way passive 
• Crossover frequency: 2100Hz
• Suspension/installation:horizontal or vertical
• Connection: 1×NL4 speaker connector(IN1+,1-,LINK2+, 2-)
• Enclosure:18mm plywood
• Finish: black painting
• HF: 1.4″×1(44mm,25mm throat) 120 magnet
• LF: 15″×1(75mm),190 magnet
• Dimension(mm): 425×445×707(W×D×H)
• Weight(Kg): approx. 30.5Kg
DISCO bar, luxury multifunction hall, luxury conference hall
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