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ELV-121 Full Range Speaker

  • Karaoke
  • Professional
  • Speaker Cabinet
  • ELV-121 professional speaker cabinet uses one 12 inch woofer with refined cone/voice coil/spider and one B&C HF driver to offer high sensitivity, rich and powerful bass, clear and charming MFHF.

  • The unit structure consists of one 12 inch 75mm voice coil cone woofer and one 44mm ferrite magnet HF. 

  • The woofer uses 75mm CCA winding voice coil which is made of refractory glass fiber bobbin for high efficiency and reliable performance and adopts symmetric magnet circuit design to reduce second harmonic distortion.

  • The HF unit uses 1 inch throat and Al horn to offer flat and delicate treble when amplifying the HF sound pressure. 

  • The Al horn features solid structure, anti-vibration and excellent acoustic features. 

  • The crossover uses extremely low consumption OFC inductor, high quality capacitor, Al housing resistor and heat sink to assure the crossover network stability. 

  • Trapezoidal enclosure eliminates the standing wave inside and improves the bass pureness.

Product Detail

• Rated power:300W
• Peak power:1200W
• Rated impedance:8Ω
• DC impedance:6.8Ω
• Frequency response:60Hz-18kHz(±3dB)
• Sensitivity:96dB
• Coverage:H100°×V 55°
• Max SPL:122dB
• Crossover mode:2 way passive
• Crossover frequency:2200Hz
• Suspension/installation:horizontal or vertical
• Connection:1×NL4 speaker connector,(IN:1+,1-;LINK2+,2-)
• Enclosure:18mm plywood
• Finish:black painting
• HF:1.4″×1(44mm,25mm throat)102 magnet
• LF:12″×1(75mm),180 magnet 
• Dimension(mm):366×403×610(W×D×H)
•  Weight(Kg):approx. 24.8 Kg
Disco bar, luxury KTV, conference room, multifunction hall
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