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Speaker Cabinet

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  • The cone used in the woofer has good damping and rigidity to ensure that the speaker will not cause distortion when working in different frequencies. The surround is made of imported sponge with strong corrosion resistance and has strong elasticity, thus making the speaker able to withstand greater amplitude and dynamic range.

  • Generally speaking, people's auditory system is more sensitive to MF & HF. If the debugging of the MF is not correct, it is easy to cause auditory fatigue and irritability. Therefore, the tweeter features a three-inch cone with flat frequency response and high fidelity of human voice and music performance in MF & HF. A heat-resistant voice coil makes this tweeter sound delicate and able to withstand high music power for a long time. Combining the physiological and auditory characteristics of the human ear, the MF is appropriately modified on the crossover element to make sure that the midrange is accurate and transparent, and the treble is delicate, bright but not dry. Thus, the speaker has relatively satisfactory sound effect when people sing at loud pressure in a KTV room and there will be no burrs, so as to prevent users from hearing fatigue due to long-term listening.

Product Detail

• Rated Power: 240W (AES)
• Rated Impedance: 8Ω
• Frequency Response: 40Hz-18KHz (±3dB)
• Sensitivity: 92dB
• Covering Angle: H100°×V50°
• SPL: 111dB
• Crossover: passive, two-way
• Crossover Frequency: 1900Hz
• Installation: horizontal flying
• Wiring Method: push-type terminal
• Enclosure: 15mm MDF
• Finish: black veneer
• HF: 3″×2 (13mm voice coil), 55mm magnet
• LF: 8″×1 (35mm voice coil), 100mm+100mm double magnet Dimensions (mm): 445×205×280 (W×D×H)

Note: The data is tested by Takstar Laboratory and Takstar has the final interpretation right!
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• EKT-081 speaker cabinet
• User Manual

  • User manual

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