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DA5 Mini Amplifier

  • Built-in battery
  • Portable
  • Teaching
  • Tour guide
  • Propaganda
  • Outdoor Activities
  • The megaphone combining microphone, power amplifier and speaker together, suitable for speech, tour guide, teaching;

  • Rare earth material speaker, light weighted, high volume;

  • Class F power amplifier chip, peak output power 5W;

  • Digital rejecting feedback function effectively rejects feedback;

  • Ultra-long standby, turning off automatically after no signal input for 15 minutes;

  • High capacity Lithium battery; 2h charging lasts for 8h operation;

  • Compact design, easy operation, suitable for reinforcement for a long time.

Product Detail

Megaphone Specification
• Frequency Response:150Hz-12KHz
• Peak Power:5W
• Speaker Impedance:4Ω
• THD: THD≤5% 1KHz @ 4R, 3W
• S/N Ratio:77dB(A-Weighted)@1W 4Ω
• Battery Type:Li-ion battery 
• Battery Specification:3.7V/1300mAh
• Charging:DC 5V 1A 
• Charging Time: approximate 2h
• Operation Time: approximate 8h 
• Operation Voltage Range:3.4V-4.2V
• Dimension:193.1x60.7X60.7mm 
• Net Weight:approximate 150g

Cartridge Specification
• Cartridge: back electret
• Polar Pattern:unidirectional
• Frequency Response:60Hz-16KHz
• Sensitivity: -47±3dB(0dB=1V/Pa,at1KHz)
Note: the above data is obtained from the test of Takstar laboratory, and has the final interpretation right!
• Speech, tour guide, promotion, teaching
• DA5 mini amplifier


• Type-C charging cable


• User manual


  • User manual

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