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EKA-3N Power Amplifier

  • Karaoke
  • Power Amplifier
  • Professional
  • HiFi design, reproducing original sound

  • Class H3 rear amplification, clear and bright sound

  • Automatically shut down the pre-noise during no signal status; variable speed fan for cooling

  • Auto adaptive load impedance, without square wave output, effectively preventing from signal input over-load to avoid distortion

  • Connecting with fixed voltage/impedance speaker cabinet, automatically adjusting fixed impedance/voltage output 

  • Independent gain control of each channel, easily controlling the amplification to suit for speaker cabinet of different power

  • Parallel connection of four channels to suit for multiple power amps used simultaneously

  • DA soft protection system to avoid the problems of over temperature, short circuit, over current, limit, etc

Product Detail

• Max Undistorted Power(4Ω):500W
• Max Undistorted Power(8Ω):300W
• Input Power:AC220V,1KHz
• Max Harmonic Distortion:0.5%
• Input Gain:41dB/38dB/35dB/32dB
• Input Impedance:30k/15k,balanced/unbalanced
• Frequency Response:20-2000Hz (±0.3dB)
• Slew Rate:≥12V/us
• Damping Factor:≥300
• Crosstalk:>60dB@1KHz
• S/N Ratio:>100dB
• THD + Noise:<0.3% 8Ω,1W@1kHz
• Intermodulation Distortion(IMD):<0.5%
• Panel LED:power/protection/clip/signal
• Power Supply:220V/50Hz
• Dimension(mm):483×88×447mm
• Weight(Kg):16.5Kg
• Suitable for the background music in conference room/canteen, KTV project, outdoor performance
Power amplifier1pc
User manual1pc

  • User manual

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