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TS-AD4 Antenna Amplifier

  • Peripheral System
  • TS-AD2 extension cable can not meet the requirement of more than 3m application. To extend the operation range, TS-AD4 antenna meets the requirement of 3~20m extension cable.

  • TS-AD4 suits for 450~950MHz antenna signal. It is used with TS-AD2 together to effectively increase the receiving range and transmission stability.

  • RF transmission cable is used as power supply, and provides about 14dB gain

  • Al housing for better heat dissipation and reliable performance

  • Waterproof function for outdoor applications

Product Detail

• Suitable Frequency Band: 450~950 MHz
• Gain: 0~14dB±1dB (used with TS-AD2)
• Noise:< 2.5dB (frequency band center)
• System Impedance:50 Ω
• RF transmission cable is also used as power supply
• Connector: TNC×2
• used with TS-AD2
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