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TS-AD2 Antenna System

  • Peripheral System
  • UHF wide frequency band(450~950MHz)design, built-in signal amplifier 

  • Built-in attenuation switch, selectable output signal strength 

  • High front-to-rear ratio antenna effectively suppress the rear interference signal

  • Common RF transmission cable for power supply, it saves the cable material and is convenient for use

  • Waterproof characteristic for outdoor use

Product Detail

• Frequency Range: 450~950MHz
• Antenna Gain: > 4 dBi
• Amplifier Gain: 10/6 dB
• Antenna Interface: TNC/50Ω
• Max. Output Power: +0 dBm
• SWR: < 2.0
• Antenna Power Supply: DC 8V/50mA
Engineering application, outdoor performance
  • User manual

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