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EPO-802N Power Sequencer

  • Peripheral System
  • Built-in filtering function reduces the external interference 

  • One button to lock bypass channel for various applications

  • Power-on or power-off in turn via the switch on front panel

  • 8 sequence channel + 2 bypass channel

  • Each of 8 sequence channels has max current 10A

  • Each channel has LED for intuitive operation status indication 

  • Real time operation voltage display 

  • Multifunction socket to link with multiple power connectors, reliable connection

Product Detail

• Input Power: AC 220V/50Hz
• Power Capacity: total 220V, 30A;
• Input Power Cord: 3×4mm²  pure copper RVV cable 
• Sequence Channel: 8CH
• Standby Connector: 2pcs
• Connector: 3 pin connector 
• On/Off LED: 8 LED(red), one for each
• Input Power LED: one LED(green)
• Factory Setting Sequence Interval: 1s
• Dimension (W×D×H): 482×166×44mm
• Weight: approx 2.85Kg
• Suitable for conference room, multifunction hall, KTV, bar, project installation, outdoor performance
• EPO-802N power   sequencer1pc
• User manual1pc

  • User manual

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