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TS-AD1 Antenna System

  • Peripheral System
  • UHF wide frequency band(450~950MHz)design enable 4 sets of receiver to share the antenna 

  • Built-in power distribution system supplies power for 4 receivers  

  • Built-in power supply circuit in the antenna input interface supplies power for the antenna amplifier directly 

  • Independant protection circuit for each power port assures the normal operation of the other units when one of the receiver has a breakdown 

  • The main power switch controls the power supply of all devices

Product Detail

• Frequency Range: 450~950MHz
• Antenna Interface: TNC/50Ω
• Max. Output Power: -3 dBm
• Total Gain: > 3 dB
• Output Port Seperation: > 15 dB
• Antenna Input Port Power: DC 8V/100mA
• Power Input Voltage: 12V/3000mA
Engineering application, outdoor performance
  • User manual

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