Multifunction Hall Audio System Solution

Takstar provides reinforcement system solution for small/medium multifunction hall. The system consists of a pair of dual 18 inch ELV-181SUB subwoofers and a pair of dual 15 inch full range main speaker cabinets ELV-151 and a pair of 12 inch filling speaker cabinets ELV-121, a pair of monitor speaker cabinets ELV-121M, ELV series professional power amplifier, external EKX-3A digital processor and XR-612FX professional mixer, X4 four channel wireless microphone, TS-9310 true diversity wireless microphone. The whole system features multifunction, prominent reinforcement effect, smart wireless microphone to overcome the defects of the traditional wired microphone. The microphones feature high anti-interference capacity and prominent sound.

System Installation Rendering Picture

System Connection Diagram

Note: this solution suits for 150-200m2 application.


  • Turning on/off the equipments are very important. The wrong operation generates power surge to destroy the speaker cabinet.

    Turning on order: Karaoke system—wireless microphone—pre-effecter— power amplifier

    Turning off order: power amplifier—pre-effecter—wireless microphone—Karaoke system

  • Pay attention to the two items for microphone volume control.

    A: Sing right in front of and 0.5~2cm away from the microphone. If too far away or deviated, it leads to insufficient input or bass loss, low volume or sharp vocal.

    B: The microphone grille is held by hand or close to speaker leads to sudden feedback. Please avoid this happens.

  • Keep the audio equipments on even and steady place and away from the wall for heat dissipation.
  • Keep the system away from too hot/too cold/humid/dusty environment, sunlight, heater, air conditioner, but in a ventilated place.

If you want to know more about the solution technology, please contact our technology support.