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TS-9310 UHF Wireless Microphone

  • Performance
  • Wireless
  • Handheld
  • Cardioid
  • Dynamic
  • Condenser
  • UHF
  • TUNER balanced diversity reception technique effectively improve the dead corner and background noise problem 

  • The receiver antenna port can supply power to the external antenna amplifier and other distance extension equipments

  • UHF wide band design, 1000 selectable channels 

  • Receiver features automatic interference signal recognition ability and can automatically avoid the interference channels 

  • Up to 10 steps of adjustable receiving operating range enables the system to exclude other interference signal 

  • Transmitter battery power level can be indicated on the receiver LCD 

  • Double conversion receiving technique features super strong signal receiving ability, long operating range is up to 150 meters 

  • D-PLL RF stability technique features accurate frequency and stable working performance 

  • Microphone adopts professional audio companding technique for low noise and wide dynamic range   

  • Advanced pilot signal lock function can better avoid interference and eliminate the on/off mechanical noise

  • Independent XLR output and mixed 6.3mm output for convenient connection with the audio processing and amplifier equipment

Product Detail

• Squelch Control: Noise lock, measuring sound code
• Frequency Deviation: ±48kHz 
• Frequency Response: 60Hz-18KHz
• Frequency Steadiness: ±0.005%
• S/N Ratio: >95dB A+
• Total Harmonic Distortion: <0.5%(at 1kHz) 
• Number of Frequency: 1000 
• Sensitivity: -90dBm ~ -65dBm, 10 step adjustment
• Operating Range: 150m in open area 
• Receiver Power Supply: External DC 12V/1000mA power adaptor
• Transmitter Power Supply: 2pcs of AA batteries
• Transmit Power: <10mW
• Frequency Range: 740MHz-765MHz 
• Output Type: Balanced (XLR) and unbalanced (6.3mm), headphone monitor output
Live performance, program recorded broadcast, large conference
  • TS-9310 Receiver
  • TS-9310 Transmitter
  • Power Adaptor 
  • AA battery
  • Audio Connecting Cable
  • Antenna
  • User Manual
  • Long Rack Mount
  • Short Rack Mount
  • Frame Connecting Plate
  • Antenna Extension Cable
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