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KTV Luxury Audio System Solution

Takstar provides solution for luxury KTV entertainment in which the large space needs sufficient sound pressure. The system consists of a pair of 15 inch main speaker cabinets ELV-151, a pair of 12 inch aux speaker cabinets ELV-121, and a relative 650W power amplifier ELV-7A and a 500W power amplifier ELV-5A, a pair of 18 inch subwoofers ELV-181SUB, pre-effecter EKX-4A, thus to provide powerful effect for about 50-70 square meter application. G3 UHF wireless smart microphone, tailored for KTV project, features advanced smart wireless frequency matching. With the external Karaoke equipment together, the whole system is suitable for various KTV luxury chamber applications.

System Installation Rendering Picture

KTV 3D Picture

KTV Luxury Chamber 3D Installation Picture

suitable for the application in 50-65m2 chamber

System Connection Diagram


  • Turning on/off the equipments are very important. The wrong operation generates power surge to destroy the speaker cabinet.

    Turning on order: Karaoke system—wireless microphone—pre-effecter— power amplifier

    Turning off order: power amplifier—pre-effecter—wireless microphone—Karaoke system

  • Pay attention to the two items for microphone volume control.

    A: Sing right in front of and 0.5~2cm away from the microphone. If too far away or deviated, it leads to insufficient input or bass loss, low volume or sharp vocal.

    B: The microphone grille is held by hand or close to speaker leads to sudden feedback. Please avoid this happens.

  • Keep the audio equipments on even and steady place and away from the wall for heat dissipation.
  • Keep the system away from too hot/too cold/humid/dusty environment, sunlight, heater, air conditioner, but in a ventilated place.

If you want to know more about the solution technology, please contact our technology support.

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