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EKX-4A Pre-effecter

  • Effecter
  • Optical fiber coaxial signal input ensures original signal reproduction 

  • 10 band GEQ and 3 band PEQ for music and microphone 

  • 7 band GEQ and 3 band PEQ for fill channel 

  • Quick switching of professional menu and standard menu for convenient operation 

  • Designed with FEEDBACK prevention function button 

  • Turning-on mode lock function for locking the music/vocal effect and volume 

  • Memory function button for saving the adjusted effect for next operation

Product Detail

Music Channel
• Music Frequency Response: 20Hz~22kHz(±0.5)
• Input Music Signal Sensitivity:210mV
• Music Signal Max. Output Level: 7V(THD≤0.5%)
• Music Signal Input Overload Voltage: 2.2V(THD≤1%)
• Output Noise Level:0.19mV(peak main volume, A weighted)
Microphone Channel
• Microphone Frequency Response: 20Hz~20kHz(±0.5)
• Microphone1-3 Input Sensitivity:15mV
• Microphone4-5 Input Sensitivity:15mV
• Microphone Signal Max. Output Level:7V(THD≤0.5%)
• Microphone Signal Input Overload Voltage:220mV(THD≤1%)
• Output Noise Level:0.36mV(channel volume/peak volume, A weighted)
• Power Supply:AC~220V 50Hz
• Max. Power Consumption:10W
• Unit Dimension(mm): 480*155*66(W*D*H)
• Weight(Kg):2.5Kg
KTV project installation 
  • Driver software

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