【Takstar EBS-2C Audio System】Product Detail - Guangdong Takstar Electronic Co., Ltd.

EBS-2C Pre-amplifier

  • Public Address
  • Effecter
  • 10CH input channels including 5 microphone inputs, 3 standard line(AUX) inputs, 2 emergency line inputs 

  • Microphone 1 takes the top priority input function, emergency inputs(ENC1/2) take the second priority, microphone(MIC 2/3/4/5)and line(AUX1/2/3) inputs take the third priority 

  • Both microphone input channel and line(AUX) input channel have independent volume controls; ENC1/2 have no volume control; automatically ducking to -30dB; designed with independent treble and bass control

Product Detail

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