EKS-181SUB Subwoofer

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  • EKS-181SUB is a high power vented tube subwoofer which uses long stroke voice coil for high efficiency.

  • 100mm voice coil 220mm magnet 18 inch 8Ω speaker is designed with damping processing cone and assembled reversely in the cabinet to make the bass more clear and powerful.The cabinet is designed with compression horn structure to boost sensitivity, thus to suit for powerful but elastic bass applications.

  • The cabinet uses 18mm plywood with black paint finish and is equipped with 4 handles for easy transportation, 4 pin speaker connector for convenient linking, 4 rubber feet for anti-vibration and Al socket for convenient pole mounting.

Product Detail

• Rated power:600W
• Peak power:2400W
• Rated impedance:8Ω
• DC impedance:5Ω
• Frequency response:30Hz~500Hz(±3dB)
• Sensitivity:99dB
• Coverage:no directivity
• Max SPL:130dB
• Connection:1×NL4 speaker connector,connect 1+, 1- for operation,2+,2- for 
• Enclosure:18mm plywood
• Finish:black painting
• LF:18″×1(100mm),220 magnet
• Dimension(mm): 530×625×569(W×D×H)
• Weight(Kg): approx.39Kg
Bass compensation in large reinforcement system or disco bar, large KTV
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