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ESA-151 Subwoofer

  • Speaker Cabinet

• Single 15-inch paper cone low-frequency driver with 100mm voice coil.

• Cone with fatigue-resistant cloth surround delivers deep, powerful lows.

• Symmetrically designed magnetic circuit results in low harmonic distortion.

• Long excursion voice coil provides high transducer efficiency.

• Reflex port design with precise acoustic modeling ensures high bass efficiency and response times.

• Compact enclosure connects together easily with aluminum flybars for flexibility in determining the number of units based on venue size.

Product Detail

•Frequency Response:60Hz-500Hz
•Crossover Mode:Null
•Crossover Point:Null
•Max SPL:133dB
•Rated Power (AES):1000W
•Amp Match:1000W × 1, one speaker
•Crossover Range:60Hz-200Hz
•External Filter:Low Pass BW-24, High Pass BW-24
•Finish:Black Polyurethane Paint
•Installation:Suspension Bracket
•Panel:18mm Plywood
•Net Weight:About 29.5KG
•Wiring Method:2PCS, IN:1+/1-
•Audio Cable:Two-Core Cable

Note: the above data are measured by Takstar laboratory which has the final interpretation right!
• Music bar, small show, multifunction hall
• Rigging Frame (each contains 4 shackles, 4 pins, 2 slings, 4 connecting rods); each line of speaker array is supplied with one rigging frame.
• Full-Range Speaker (each speaker includes a total of 2 front and rear connecting rods and 6 pins)
• Subwoofer (each contains 4 front and rear connecting rods and 4 pins)
• User Manual (one in each standalone packaging)
Note: the above is subject to the quantity of order or unit intended for use; fill in the amount before shipping out the factory.

  • User manual

    ESA-151 Subwoofer User Manual2024-05-11 15:10:01Download

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