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ELA-121 Line Array Series

  • Professional
  • Speaker Cabinet
  • Refined HF & MFLF speakers. 

  • 12" MFLF unit uses 75mm voice coil and NdFeB magnet for light weight, high sensitivity, low distortion, wide frequency response and charming tone. 

  • Parallel magnet loop of HF speaker for better heat dissipation and sufficient  magnetic flux. 

  • Polymer HF diaphragm for soft HF performance. 

  • Wide and deep BMC horn sufficiently amplifies the HF sound pressure, extends the transmission distance and controls the directivity. 

  • Speaker system and crossover avoid the tone loss and keep high sensitivity,accurate MF performance and HF resolution.

Product Detail

MFLF Unit-Speaker
• OD:12"	
• Voice coil dia.:75mm	
• Magnet:NdFeB	
• Sensitivity:98dB	
• Rated impedance:8Ω	
• Frequency response:73Hz-4KHz
MFLF Unit-Speaker Cabinet	
• Quantity:1pc		
• Rated power:300W	
• Power amplifier matched:800Wx2, two speaker cabinets parallel	
• Crossover range:50Hz-1700Hz			
• Filter:HPF Bw-24,LPF BW-48	
HF Unit-Speaker 
• OD: 123mm
• Voice coil dia.:65mm
• Magnet: NdFeB
• Sensitivity:109dB
• Rated impedance:8Ω
• Frequency response:0.7KHz-18KHz
HF Unit-Speaker Cabinet
• Quantity:1 pc
• Rated power:75W
• Power amplifier matched:300Wx2,two speaker cabinets parallel
• Crossover range:1700Hz-18000Hz	
• Filter:HPF Lk-24,LPF Lk-24
Other Specifications
• Directivity:100°x8°
• Peak power:1500W
• Enclosure:18mm plywood  
• Dimension:450x650x329mm(WxDxH)		
• Connector:2 pcs,IN: MFLF 1+/1-,HF 2+/2-		
• Cable: 4 core audio cable   
• Weight:approx 27.8 Kg
Small show, church, theater, multiunction hall, stadium
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