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ELA-082 Line Array Series

  • Professional
  • Speaker Cabinet
  • Two 8" 50mm voice coil MFLF speakers with refined cone, voice coil and spider which extremely reduce the distortion and ensure the charming tone during high power operation. 

  • CELESTION HF driver, high directivity horn together with the crossover of the processor avoid the tone loss and keep high sensitivity, accurate MF performance and excellent HF resolution. 

  • Heat resistant glass fiber bobbin and heat resitant OFC winding voice coil; 

  • Even slot improves the surround mechanical strength. The damping glue improves the speaker load capacity during high dynamic and high power. 

  • HF unit uses NdFeB magnet,1" throat and high directivity horn for flat HF response, high penetration and farther transmission.

Product Detail

MFLF Unit-Speaker
• OD:8"
• Voice coil dia.:50mm
• Magnet:ferrite 160mm
• Sensitivity:95dB
• Rated impedance/power:8Ω/100W
• Frequency response:73Hz-4KHz
MFLF UNIT-Speaker Cabinet
• Quantity:2pcs
• Impedance:16Ω(two woofers series)
• Rated/peak power:220W/800W
• Power amplifier matched:800W*2, two cabinets parallel
• Crossover range:80Hz-2300Hz	
• Filter:HPF Bwt24, LPF Lk/R24
HF Unit-Speaker 
• OD:90mm
• Voice coil dia.:44mm
• Magnet:NdFeB
• Sensitivity:110dB
• Rated impedance/power:8Ω/40W
• Frequency response:1.2KHz-20KHz
HF Unit-Speaker Cabinet
• Quantity:2pcs
• Impedance:16Ω two tweeters series
• Rated/peak power:80W/320W
• Power amplifier matched:300W*2, two cabinets parallel
• Crossover range:2300Hz-17000Hz	
• Filter:HPF Lk/R24,LPF Lk/R24
Other Specification
• Directivity:90°*8°
• Peak power:1200W
• Wood:18mm plywood
• Dimension:450*650*270mm(W*D*H)
• Connector:2pcs,IN:MFLF 1+/1-,HF 2+/2- 
• Cable: 1.5mm² 4 core audio cable 
• Weight:approx 25.9 Kg
Small show, church, theater, multifunciton hall, stadium
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