ELA-181SUB Line Array Series

  • Professional
  • Speaker Cabinet
  • The suspension part of ELA-181SUB matches with that of the vertical dimension of ELA-082/ELA-121 full range speaker cabinet and can be connected together. When more quantity is needed, ELA-082/ELA-121 and ELA-181SUB can also be suspended in one line independently, e.g. ELA-082/ELA-121 one line, 4 ELA-181SUB one line for stage left channel, and the same way for the right channel. 

  • Refined 18 inch cone sub unit, aeronautic magnet; The vented design and the open chamber achieve horn effect. The vented bass audio wave overlaps with the speaker positive audio wave and come out after being compressed in the front chamber to improve the bass transmission energy, sound pressure and bass strength.

Product Detail

• OD:18 inch
• Voice coil dia.:100mm
• Magnet:ferrite 220mm
• Sensitivity:99dB     
• Rated power:650W
• Peak power:2400W
• Rated impedance:8Ω
• DC impedance:5.6Ω
• Frequency response:34Hz-2.5KHz
• Quantity:1pc
• Speaker impedance:8Ω
• Directivity:no
• Power amp matched:1300W*2 paralleled
• Crossover range:25Hz-100Hz
• Filter:HPF Bwt24,LPF Bwt24
• Enclosure:25+18mm plywood
• Dimension:800*650*510mm(W*D*H)
• Connector:2pcs,IN:1+/1-
• Cable :1.5mm² 2 core audio cable
• Weight(Kg):approx 55.7 Kg
Small show, church, theater, multifunction hall, stadium
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