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ESC-90 Column Speaker

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• This column speaker consists of nine 4" cone woofers with Ø25mm voice coil. The woofer features elastic and durable rubber surround for quick and dynamic MFLF, symmetric magnetic circuit design for low harmonic distortion, as well as wider horizontal directivity and narrower vertical directivity for farther transmission.

• The crossover adopts low consumption OFC inductor for reliable performance and prominent sound. 

• Trapezoidal enclosure and acoustic foam eliminate the standing wave inside, and make the MFLF purer and frequency response flatter. The slender enclosure suits for various architectural styles.

• Dedicated correction circuit can adjust the HF. There are two modes, “Near” and “Far”, switchable for different scenarios.

Product Detail

• Rated Power: 360W (AES)
• Rat ed Impedance: 8Ω
• Frequency Response (±3dB): 160Hz-16KHz
• Sen sitivity (1W/1M): 99dB
• Coverage: H120°×V25°
• Max SPL: 124dB
• Crossover Mode: full range
• Installation: wall mount bracket
• Connector: 1×NL4speakon (1+, 1-) 
• Enclosure: 12mm MDF    
• Finish: black painting
• Unit: LF: 4" ×9 (Ø25mm voice coil), Ø80mm magnet
• Dimension (mm): W130xD121xH1122      
• Net Weight: approx. 11.5kg
Note: the above data is measured by Takstar laboratory, and Takstar has the final interpretation right!
• Vocal reinforcement and background music application  in conference rooms, multifunction halls and large shopping malls
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