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EKL-121 EKL-121 speaker cabinet

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 EKL-121 is a built-in two-way full-range speaker with beautiful appearance. The unit uses a 12-inch 65-core paper cone woofer with wide frequency response, high voice clarity and high sensitivity, and a 34-core ferrite tweeter with sweet and delicate timbre.

 The components of the frequency divider use oxygen-free copper inductors with low loss value, high-quality film capacitors, and cement resistors with good heat dissipation performance to make the crossover network stable and to produce excellent sound quality.

 The overall timbre of the speaker is uniform, and it can highlight the natural and clear sound quality in both music and human voice. In the development process, it has been repeatedly tested with a variety of dynamic microphones and condenser microphones, the results of which all show good sound quality.

 The unique high-frequency filtering function can adjust the brightness and high-frequency details of the sound. The selector switch for play mode can provide two modes of "human voice" and "music" to meet different needs.

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