ESA-081 Line Array Series

  • Speaker Cabinet
  • Professional
  • ESA-081 is the full range line array speaker cabinet. It features compact design, adjustable suspension angle, clear and delicate sound to suit for medium or large indoor reinforcement. 

  • The unit consists of 8 inch 50mm cone MFLF and 44mm compression driver HF. The woofer featues elastic and duarable cloth surround for quick MFLF response and sufficient dynamic, symmetric magnet design for low distortion. The HF featues polyimide diaphragm for bright and delicate treble and detailed sound, planar wave guide horn to control vertical directivity. Multiple units are used together for closely linear audio source, low attenuation in far projection. The crossover uses low consumption OFC inductor, high quality Polypropylene and polyester capacitor for reliable crossover network and prominent sound. Acoustic foam eliminates standing wave for purer MFLF and flat frequency response. The compact enclosure are assembled via pins with adjustable vertical angle -4°- 0°- 10°. 

Product Detail

▪       ESA-081 Sspeaker cabinet1pc
▪       Connection bar2pcs
▪       Pin6pc
▪       User manual1pc

  • User manual

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