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XR-1620DM Digital Mixer

  • Mixer

• 20CH inputs, including 16CH mono, 4CH stereo inputs, 

• 14CH outputs, including 2CH master outputs, 4CH group, 4CH aux, 2CH headphone, 1CH control room, 1CH USB outputs

• 7 inch large LCD high definition touch screen, 100mm motorized faders

• Dual DSP for freely adjusting effect mode, sound effect and depth by users

• Built-in 13 GEQ, high efficiency DSP

• Digital noise gate and compressor and limiter for outputting lower residual noise, reliable operation

• 24 groups of scene saving function for freely recalling and copying the former parameter setting

• 16 gold plated XLR (+48V phantom power for each channel) and balanced 6.3mm mono input channels

• Expansion panel to select multi-track USB audio recording module, CobraNet module, Dante module

• APP wirelessly controlled by iPad for convenient operation

Product Detail

With the development of entertainment, the commercial show has more and more demand on stage equipment. Takstar researches and develops XR-1620DM digital mixer for the demanding stage performance. The easy installation and professional APP aims at providing high efficiency audio system control center for music fans. 

XR-1620DM is a 16 CH mono 4 CH stereo 4 group digital mixer. It is designed with built-in digital effecter, noise gate, compressor, limiter, GEQ and DSP to suit for commercial show, large assembly, multifunction hall, home entertainment. 


Professional App for wireless mixing

Mixer is the key control center in audio system. XR-1620DM is designed with professional APP. Uers can search the mixer model XR-1620DM via iPad to download App for wirelessly mixing. The mixer can be connected and adjusted via WiFi. The hardware and software and App can be controlled simultaneously at real time. 

XR-1620DM digital mixer can be used as the main mixing equipment for band rehearsal, live show, bar, wedding, or the auxiliary mixing equipment for large outdoor show or sports event.  

Easy operation, high performance low cost

XR-1620DM features 100mm motorized faders, 7 inch HD LCD touch screen and LED level indication for intuitive operation and convenient volume output control, 13 groups of GEQ and high efficiency DSP, built-in digital noise gate/compressor/limiter, lower output residual noise, more reliable operation. The 24 groups of scenes can be saved or recalled randomly. The adjusted channel parameters can be copied for convenient operation to meet the high sound quality requirement of commercial show. 

Mic In
• Frequency Response: 20Hz-20KHz at 0dBu±1.5dB
• Master Output Distortion(THD&N):<0.01% at 0dBu 1KHz
• S/N Ratio: 104dB
• Max Input Level: +22dBu
• Phantom Power (+/-3V): +48VDC

Line In
• Frequency Response: 20Hz-20KHz at 0dBu±1.5dB
• Master Output Distortion(THD&N):<0.01% at 0dBu 1KHz
• Gain: -15dBu~+35dBu
• Max Input Level (0dBu gain): +20dBu

17~18/19~20 Stereo Input
• Frequency Response: 20Hz-20KHz at 4dBu±1.5dB
• Master Output Distortion(THD&N):<0.01% at 0dBu 1KHz
• Gain: -∞ to +10dBu
• Max Input Level (0dBu gain): +22dBu

Master Output
• Max Output Level: +20dBu
AUX1~4 Output
• Max Output Level: +20dBu
SUB1~4 Output
• Max Output Level: +20dBu
Tape Output
• Max Output Level:+14dBu
Control Room Output
• Max Output Level: +20dBu

System Crosstalk
• Input to Output (+4dBu 1KHz): -83dBu
• Channel(+4dBu 1KHz):-82dBu
• Noise (group channel noise) : -84dBu

Noise Gate
• Threshold: -84dBu-0dB
• Attack Time: 0.5mS-200mS
• Release Time: 10mS-1S
• Ratio: 1:1 to 24:1
• Gain: 0dBu-+24dB

• LF (low pass): 21Hz~19.2KHz+/-24dB
• MFLF: 21Hz~19.2KHz+/-24dB
• MFHF: 21Hz~19.2KHz+/-24dB
• HF (high pass): 21Hz~19.2KHz+/-24dB

Digital Audio
• ADC Dynamic Range: 114dB
• DAC Dynamic Range: 114dB
• Built-in DSP: 32-bit, floating point
• ADC’DAC Depth: 24bit

• Microphone Input: 1.4KΩ
• Channel In/Out Return: 2.5KΩ
• All Other Inputs: 10KΩ or greater
• All Other Outputs: 120Ω
• Operation Temperature Range: 0~40℃
• Storage Temperature Range: -20℃~60℃
Home entertainment, commercial show, large assembly, outdoor activities
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