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XR-1016FX Mixer Console

  • Mixer
  • A mixer console with 10 mono channel, 6 stereo channel, 4 groups and 9-band EQ 

  • 10 XLR and TRS balanced input port

  • 6 stereo TRS balanced input port 

  • Super low noise preamplifier and +48V phantom power 

  • Designed with SUB1-2, SUB3-4 and MAIN L-R signal assignment switch for each channel 

  • 4 auxiliary transmission for each channel: AUX1 and AUX2 auxiliary transmission with PRE/POST switch for monitoring the using effect and sound processor input, whether controlled by fader or not is to switch the PRE/POST switch; additional auxiliary transmission DFX1 and DFX2 for monitoring the external or internal DSP effect when it is set at the post of the fader 

  • Mono channel features 3-band EQ and adjustable mid frequency, stereo channel features 4-band EQ 

  • INSERT and XLR port for each mono channel for convenient and flexible connection with various audio equipment

  • CD/Tape IN can be distributed to the main output and monitor/headphone output 

  • USB port provides 5V/0.5A p

Product Detail

• 10 mono input channel with gold-plated XLR and balanced 6.3mm socket, with high-
  pass filter, the cut-off point is 75Hz, -18dB/Oct
• With gain and +48V phantom power for mono input channel
• 6 stereo input channel with 6.3mm socket and level selection switch 
• Effector with 100 kinds of effect
• Output signal with 9-band graphic EQ
• Mono input channel with 3-band EQ and adjustable mid frequency
• Stereo input channel with 4-band fixed EQ
• 4 AUX output: AUX1 with PRE/POST fader for foldback; AUX4 at fader Post for sending 
  the effect
• Each input channel with MUTE/SUB1-2/SUB3-4, SOLO switch and signal LED/overload LED
• TAPE IN/TAPE OUT with shut-off switch
• Matrix(MAIN MIX/SUB1-2/3-4) and decentralized output level for headphone/control 
• Balanced XLR and 6.3mm output socket
• Product Dimension: 440*480*108mm
• Net Weight: 5.5kgs
Home entertainment, commercial performance, outdoor activities
Power   cable1pc
Packed by carton and styrofoam
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