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XR26 Digital Mixer

  • Mixer

26-channel input includes: 12 microphone inputs, 2 stereo inputs, 3 digital stereo inputs (S /PDIF, USB sound card, USB playing).

12-circuit bus designs, 8-circuit BUS output channels, 1-circuit stereo main output, 3-circuit stereo digital outputs (S / PDIF + AES / EBU, USB sound card, USB recording).

All microphone input channels have independent + 48V power supply and high-quality voice amplifier, and realize operation control through software.

All input channels have independent low-cut, PEQ, compressor, noise reducer processing.

All output channels have independent high and low cut, PEQ, compressor processing.

The main output channel has independent 31-segment GEQ processing, which can support to send to the electric fader control in mirror mode.

All input and output channels can be freely linked to stereo state.

The names and colors of all channel labels can be customized.

There are two built-in independent professional stereo effectors, with independent sending bus and multiple effect types to select.

There is a built-in U disk player, which supports real-time stereo recording and play function.

There is built-in USB sound card, which supports real-time recording and play function connected with PC.

There are 3 programmable mute group buttons and 1 total effect mute group button.

All input and output channels can support any free copy.

It supports an unlimited number of user scene storage and invoking functions, and all scenes can be imported and exported via U disk.

It has user-defined password protection function, which is effective for both local operation and mobile access.

The 10-inch high-definition 1920 * 1080 capacitive touch screen supports multi-point touch operation.

It has 9 high-precision 100MM electric faders and 4 page turning management buttons.

The built-in web server based on HTML5 technology has built-in Wi-Fi hotspot, and the cross-platform supports access from various mobile terminals such as IOS, Android, Windows, etc., and supports multi-screen interaction and full-featured operation.

Product Detail

Input channel: 26 channel input:12 channel microphone; 4 mono channel;2 stereo; 3 digital stereo
Output channel: 12 channel output; Main output L/R; 6 BUS outputs;Monitor output /L/K; Headphone output L/R
Recording interface:Dual-track USB sound card/Double-track U disk recording storage
Input gain: Microphone gain -20~+70; Line gain -20~+20
Input and output impedance: Microphone / line input: 5kΩ / Output: 200Ω
Frequency Response: 20Hz~20kHz: +/-0.5
Total Harmonic Distortion plus Noise THD+N: -20dBFS @ 1kHz: <0. 01%
Noise: Noise level(20/20k band-pass): -85dBu
           Noise level(A): -88 dBu
Dynamic Range: -107dB
Crosstalk:Isolation between channels(+4dBu lk) : -96dB
Phase Difference:Phase difference between channels(+4dBu lk) : <0.1°
Equivalent Noise:-122dBu
Delay:< 3ms
Sampling Frequency:48K
USB:Maximum current: 500mA
Phantom Power:+48V, Software control management
Power:Power consumption (typical value): <65W
           Voltage Range:100~240VAC
           Auto-induction AC Frequency: 47~63Hz
Operating Condition:Temperature range: -20 ~55  °C
Effector:2 independent effector channels
             Effect types include: Hall, Room, Plate, Church, Delay, Chorus FIanger
Threshold:Threshold: -80~ 0dB
                 Range : -80~ 0dB
                 Attack : 1 ms~ 120 ms
                 Release: 10ms ~ 4000 ms
                 Hold: 1 ms~ 2000 ms
Compressor:Threshold: -60dB~+0dB
                     Ratio:1:1~ 1000:1
                     Attack : 1 ms~ 120 ms
                     Release: 10 ms ~ 4000 ms
                     Hold: 1 ms~ 2000 ms
                     Makeup Gain: -20dB~+20dB
                     Controllable soft turning point
Channel equalizer:4-band parametric equalizer:Frequency per frequency band : 20HZ~20kHz
                              Q: 0.05~ 15; Gain: -20dB~+20dB; Types,optional: PEQ, HPF, LPF, HSF, LSF
Channel filte:HP'F: 20Hz~20kHz; LPH: 20Hz~20kHz
Parameter Equalizer:31 GEQ, 20Hz~20kHz> ±15dB
Mute group:Three programmable mute group, 1 total effect mute group
• used for sound amplification in ballrooms, music halls, stage performances, live audio program recording and other application environments
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