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XR-3400FX Analog Mixer

  • Mixer

• 32 Balanced XLR Mic Inputs + 2 TRS Stereo Inputs, separate PAN control on each input channel.

• Stereo AUX Return Input + USB-A 2.0 Data Interface + Wireless Connectivity, for convenient USB playback and connection with external devices.

• 30CH Separate Compressors + 32CH +48V Phantom Power support, with mute function on each channel.

• Main Output has a 9-band Graphic Equalizer; each channel is equipped with a 4-band EQ, allowing you to fine-tune high, mid-high, mid-low, and low frequencies.

• Bus signal assign buttons such as Main Channel L/R, Group 1-4 Output, and PFL Solo switches.

• Each channel has: 4 auxiliary sends; AUX1 and AUX2 with PRE/POST switches; AUX3 level and EFX Send overall level control knob (usually EFX from external effector);AUX4 level and FX Send level control knob; both AUX3 and AUX4 are post-fader.

• With FX Send function, RCA Input, REC Output, and Monitor and Headphone Outputs.

• Built-in 24-bit DSP for audio effect tuning on the fly to suit any environment or performance.

• Featuring dual 12-segment LED level indicators, PAN sound imaging control, mute switches, and signal distortion LED.

• Compact, multifunctional mixer with digital display and 60mm high-precision fader for intuitive parameter control.

Product Detail

Main Mix Noise
• 20Hz-20kHz bandwidth, 1/4" main output, channel gain, channel equalization plain, all channels sent to the main mix, right channel panning turned off on odd channel.
• Main mix fader channel down: -85dBu  90dB SNR, reference +4dBu
• Main mix fader channel fader: -85dBu

• (1kHz 35dB gain, 20Hz-20kHz bandwidth)
• Mic insertion: <0.05%

Attenuation (Crosstalk)
• (1kHz relative to 0dBu, 20Hz-20kHz bandwidth, Line in, 1/4”± Gain@unity.)
• Active channel mute switch: -70 dBu
• Channel gain button minimum: -70 dBu

Frequency Response
• Mic input to any output
• 20Hz to 40kHz:+0dB/-1dB
• 20Hz to 60kHz:+0dB/-2dB

EIN = Equivalent Input Noise
• Mic input to send output, maximum gain limit.
• 150 ohm terminated: -129.5dBu 20Hz-20kHz

Common Mode Rejection Ratio = CMRR
• Mic input to send output, maximum gain limit.
• 1kHz: better than-70dB

Maximum Level
• Mic input: +20dBu
• Other input: +20dBu
• Main mix TRS output and XLR output: +28dBu
• Other input +20dBu

• Mic input: 2.5kilohms
• Channel input return: 2.5kilohms
• Other input: 10kilohms or greater
• Recording output: 1.1kilohms
• Other output: 120ohms

3-band EQ
• High ±15db@12kHz
• Mid ±15db@2.5kHz
• Low ±15db@400Hz
• Low cut ±15db@80Hz

Power Consumption
• 110VAC, 50/60Hz, 25-65 watts
• 220VAC, 50/60Hz, 25-65 watts

Fuse Consumption
• 100-120VAC 3A Slo Blo, 5*20mm
• 220-240VAC 1A Slo Blo, 5*20mm

• Dimensions:1070*485*120mm
• Weight:16.2KG
Note: The above data are measured by Takstar laboratory which has the final interpretation right!
• Commercial performances, large gatherings, outdoor occasions
• Analog Mixer1PC
• Power Cord1PC
• User Manual1PC

  • User manual

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