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XR-210FX Mixer Console

  • Mixer
  • Advanced circuit design and high quality electronic components features low noise, low distortion, wide dynamic range and strong anti-interference ability 

  • 3-band EQ for high,  and low frequency adjustment effectively improve the tone 

  • With signal overload (clip) indication, 80Hz low cut function 

  • Built-in +50dB low noise microphone preamplifier and 48V phantom power supply suits different kinds of microphone 

  • Stereo input channel with sensitivity adjustable (+4db, -10db) switch can match with different kinds of input sound source 

  • 60mm sliding potentiometer controls the main output volume efficiently and expediently 

  • With RCA CD input, recording output terminal, MAIN output and CTRL ROOM, PHONES monitoring output 

  • Built-in DSP effect with 100 kinds of effect choices meet various occasions and user requirements 

  • Built-in German USB chip sound card for free driver and convenient connection with computer (only need one USB cable)

Product Detail

• Microphone inputs (XLR balanced input)
Impedance:1.5KΩ balanced
Gain range:+10dB to +60dB
Max. input level: +12dBu@+10dB gain
S/N ratio: 110dB (A weighted)
Total harmonic distortion: ≤0.005%
• Stereo inputs
Impedance:10kΩ unbalanced
Gain range:-10dB to +15dB
Max. input level: +20dBu@+10dB gain
S/N ratio: 110dB (A weighted) 
Total harmonic distortion: ≤0.005%
• EQ stereo channels
LOW: 80Hz/±15dB
MID: 2.5KHz/±15dB
HIGH: 12KHz/±15dB
• Main output
Impedance:120Ω unbalanced
Max. output level: +22dBu
Frequency response: 20Hz to 20KHz (±1dB)
• Crosstalk attenuation
Main output sliding potentiometer off: 85dB
• RCA output terminal
Impedance:1kΩ unbalanced
• DSP effect
DSP resolution ratio: 24bit
A/D and D/A conversion: 24bit sample rate 192KHz
• USB sound card sample rate
24 bit 48KHz sampling
• Compatible System: Window 2000/XP、Win 7
Internet Karaoke, Computer Recording, Audio Editing, Conference Room
  • RCA - Ф3.5mm audio connecting cable 
  • RCA –Ф6.35mm plug                              
  • Power adapter                                          
  • USB cable                                             
  • User manual                                            
  • Package Portable                                        
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