Report Hall Audio System Solution

Takstar provides audio system solution for report hall which consists of ELA series line array and ELV aux/monitor speaker cabinets, EKS series subwoofers, EKA series power amplifiers and other peripheral equipments to reproduce the natural original sound with consistent pan and even coverage and proper loudness for the applications in conference, seminar, lecture, report, press conference, multimedia training, watching movie, etc.

System Installation Rendering Picture

KTV 3D Picture

Report Hall 3D Installation Picture

System Connection Diagram



  • when microphone is unused, turn off the power switch to avoid equipment damage.
  • The microphone grille is held by hand or close to speaker leads to feedback. Solution: Reduce the volume first. Keep it farther to the speaker. Do not keep the micro-phone pickup direction towards the speaker, then adjust to the proper volume.
  • When connecting the microphone with equipments, please connect fully to avoid intermittent sound or no sound.

If you want to know more about the solution technology, please contact our technology support.