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EBS-848 Waterproof Column Speaker

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• Professional waterproof, moisture-proof, and dust-proof design for all-weather outdoor use.

• High-fidelity speaker with quick response, bright sound and far coverage. 

• All-aluminum alloy casing, elegant, durable, not easy to discolor and deform.

Product Detail

• Model: EBS-848
• Input Voltage: 70V 100V
• Power (Red-Blue) AES: 120W 240W
• Power (Red-White) AES: 240W 480W
• Sensitivity: 98dB
• Frequency Response: 80-18kHz
• Woofer: 4 X 8" driver
• Tweeter: 2 X 25mm voice coil resin film horn tweeter
• Product Size: 1325x250x230mm
• Product Weight: Approx. 19.2kg
• Various outdoor wall-mount applications (e.g., playgrounds, squares, stations, parks)
  • User manual

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