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EB-100 Professional Column Speaker

  • Public Address

• Professional outdoor constant-voltage speakers with 3-inch drivers

• Designed with all-weather materials, moisture-proof, waterproof and UV-resistant

• Greatly simplified installation process using included mount parts

• Drivers utilize 3-inch full-range moisture-proof and waterproof composite material diaphragm, producing warm sound and rich vocals

• Corrosion-resistant aluminum grille cover reduces weight and simplifies installation and maintenance

Product Detail

• Product Type:Professional Column Speaker for Public Address 
• Speaker Power(AES):100W
• Input Voltage:100V
• Sensitivity:92dB
• Frequency Response:150-16000Hz
• Driver Quantity:4
• Driver Dimensions:3 inches
• External  Dimensions(mm):94.5X92.5X486
• Installation Method:Wall mount
• Mounting  Accessory:L-shape brackets+ pack of screws
• Product Weight:2.47KG
• BGM in high-end retail stores, restaurants, shops, churches, buildings
  • User manual

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