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EBS-653 Fixed-ImpedanceIn-CeilingSpeaker

  • Public Address
  • Speaker Cabinet

• Professional,three-way, 6.5" embedded speaker with moist-/water-/UV-resistant panel frame

• Special fiberglass cone for squawker and woofer, featured by its light weight, high rigidity, moderate internalresistance, and excellentresistance to fatigue, corrosion and air vibration. Widely used by audiophiles, for music playback, it produces balanced, clean bass and mids, with gorgeous timbre and high fidelity. Additional carbon fiber is mixed in to improve cone rigidity for superior performance than normal fiberglass

• Neodymium magnets for both squawker and tweeter, 0.75" titanium diaphragm for tweeter (both drivers have synced adjustable angle), producing rich mids, delicate,transparent highs and an overall warm sound

• Borderless design, magnetic grille, easy forinstallation and maintenance

Product Detail

• RatedPower: 60W (AES)
• Rated Impedance: 8Ω
• FrequencyResponse (±3dB):60Hz-20kHz
• Sensitivity (1W/1M): 86dB
• Coverage Angle: H110*V150°
• Max SPL: 102dB
• Crossover:three-way, passive
• Installation: in-ceiling/in-wall
• Cut-out Size: ø246mm circle
• InstallationDepth: 150mm
• Connection: push type terminal(IN:red+, black−)
• Enclosure:ABSplastic
• Finish:black
• HF:0.75" titaniumdiaphragm,Ndmagnet,rotatable angle
• MF:2" fiberglass cone+NBRsurround,Ndmagnet, rotatableangle
• LF:6.5"driver *1,fiberglass cone+NBRsurround
• Dimensions:ø269mm*H150mm
• NetWeight:2.14Kg
BGM in hotel/restaurant/building/conference center, home theater.
  • User manual

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