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SGC-200W Wireless Camera Microphone

  • Interview & Video
  • Wireless
  • Bodypack
  • Omnidirectional
  • UHF
  • Front Address

•  Tailored for interview, video recording, suitable for camera/DSLR/cell phone, etc

•  UHF transmission without the trouble of cable connection

•  Automatic matching technology, easy operation, high anti-interference, about 80m operation range in open area

•  Real time audio monitoring function to monitor the recording status

•  Adjusting function of monitoring volume and recording volume to suit for different equipment application

•  Low cut function to reduce ambient noise effectively; clearer picking up

•  Dual channel independent output and combo output for convenient post processing

    Note: only dual channel model has this function.

•  Type-C power connector to link with external power supply

•  Two Alkaline dry batteries last for about 10h operation

Product Detail

System Specification:
•  Frequency Range:470~960 MHz (frequency band)
•  Channel Quantity:mono/dual channel
•  Frequency Band Quantity: 50 frequency bands (mono)
•  Each of A/B has 25 frequency bands (dual channel)
•  FM Width:30MHz
•  Frequency Band Interval:600KHz
•  Modulation:FM
•  Mute Control:frequency guide
•  Frequency Response:20Hz~18KHz
•  Frequency Stability:±0.015%
•  S/N Ratio:≥92dB  A+(line out)
•  Residual Noise: ≥-100dB  A+(line out)
•  Distortion:≤0.8% (at 1KHz)
•  Operation Range:approximate 100m(open area) Cartridge:condenser omnidirectional

•  Microphone Input: 3.5mm
•  Power Supply:2 AA batteries
•  Power:≤10mW
•  Low Cut:200Hz 5dB/Oct
•  Operation Time: approximate 10h(based on the battery capacity) 
•  Dimension(LxWxH): 90x65x25mm
•  Weight:approximate 83g

•  Built-in Power Supply:2 AA batteries
•  External Power Supply:Type C connector
•  Antenna Connector:SMA/impedance 50Ohm
•  Sensitivity:≤-80dBm (wired test)
•  Audio Output:3.5mm line out +3.5mm headphone output 
•  Headphone Output Power: 25mW(RMS)@32Ω
•  Operation Time: approximate 10h  (mono) 
                              8h  (dual channel)
                              (based on the battery capacity)
•  Dimension(LxWxH): 90x65x25mm
•  Weight:approximate 96g
Note: The above data are obtained by Takstar Laboratory and have the right of final interpretation has the right of final interpretation.
•  Interview, video recording, program host, etc
Receiver1 pc


1 pc(Dual Channel 2 pc)
Lavalier microphone 1 pc(Dual Channel 2 pc)
Mic clip1 pc(Dual Channel 2 pc)
Windscreen1 pc(Dual Channel 2 pc)
3.5mm audio cable1 pc
3.5mm to XLR audio cable1 pc
Cell phone conversion cable 1 pc
AA battery4 pcs(Dual Channel 6 pc)
Antenna1 pc(Dual Channel 2 pc)
User manual1 pc

  • User manual

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