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HM-200W Headworn Microphone

  • Wireless
  • UHF
  • Front Address

• Used with amplifier and speaker cabinet in square dance, teaching, shopping guide

• UHF low power consumption wireless technology, high anti-interference capability, operation range more than 50m

• Frequency modulation, supporting more than 40 units used simultaneously without crosstalk or interference

• Condenser cartridge, high sensitivity, clear vocal

• Li-ion rechargeable battery lasts for 4-5h operation

Product Detail

• Frequency Response: 60Hz-16kHz
• Frequency Range: 630MHz-890MHz
• Operation Voltage: DC2.5-5.5V
• Battery: Li-ion battery 400mAh
• Charging Voltage: DC5V/100mA
• Charging Time: approximate 4h
• Operation Time: approximate 4-5h
• Sensitivity: -51 to -54dB
• Operation Range: open area 50m
• Net Weight: receiver approximate 22g; transmitter approximate 39g
Used with amplifier or speaker cabinet in speech, teaching, tour guide, propaganda
Charging cable1pc
User manual1pc
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